An Exam in the Knowledge of Laws

Elder Verkiry
Dartrong Square
Elder Verkiry, oyunun en önemli düzenlemeleri ve kanunları üzerine bir sınava girmenizi öneriyor.
Sınavı Dartrong Arena'daki Warlord Gidver yapacak. Onun yanına gidiyoruz, konuşuyoruz ve sınava başlıyoruz.
1. Soru: What is the name of this world?
Cevap: Faeo
2. Soru: Who are the Mentors?
Cevap: A group of volunteers who help beginners with any questions about the game.
3. Soru: Who are the Guards?
Cevap: Representatives of the law enforcement authorities, who control law and order in Faeo.
4. Soru: For what can you receive a Curse of Silence?
Cevap: Breaking the rules of chat behaviour.
5. Soru: What is flooding?
Cevap: Repeating one or more of the same type of chat message more than once every 5 minutes.
6. Soru: What is the abuse of upper case characters, which the Guards simply call "caps"?
Cevap: Writing whole words or sentences with the use of capital letters or punctuation marks.
7. Soru: What should you do if another player in the guise of an Administrator or Guard asks you for your password or some other secret information?
Cevap: Do not reveal your password no matter what the other player says and complain about them to the Guards.
8. Soru: At what level can you receive your first profession?
Cevap: Third
9. Soru: What is a quest?
Cevap: Tasks, which are dedicated to you by various characters, who live in the World of Faeo.
10. Soru: From what level may I transfer items and trade at the auction?
Cevap: A third time, after linking a phone number to the character.
Tüm soruları doğru cevapladıktan sonra Warlord Gidver bize ödülleri veriyor ve görev tamamlanmış oluyor.
60 Tecrübe Puanı